This is the web page of Caroline Ambrus

She is an irrepressible artist, writer and publisher

who keeps bobbing up when you least expect her.



Check these out. You will be amazed.

Trigger warning: she is a feminist.



Caroline's art

2013 M16, "Drawing you in"
2016 Tuggeranong Art Gallery "Consequences"
2017 M16 "Paradise lost"
2018 M16"False perspectives"
2019 Uniting Church Early Morning Centre, "Homelessness - we all own it"
2020 M16 "Cease and desist"
portrait of Pat Eatock

Caroline's books for children

1998 You Can't Land Here
2004 Black dog blues
2004 George the Greytown wizard
2004 Samantha's dance
2005 The Year of the Mean Queen, co-author Graeme Hume
2005 Flight of the Fat Fairy, co-author Graeme Hume
2006 The bushfire wind, co-author Geoffrey Miller
2006 The clown show, co-author Maureen Burdett
2006 Pikelet's gift

Caroline's books for adults

1984 'The ladies Picture Show', Sources on a Century of Australian Women Artists
1992 Australian Women Artists, First Fleet to 1945, History Hearsay and Her Say
1996 The Unseen Art Scene
1997 The Illustrated Dole Diary
1999 I Never lie to you
2005 The Artful Dole Bludger, co-author Robert Verdon
2009 Capital Tyranny
2010 Beast
2015 Caught in the ACT

2016 Made to be broken, what is broken can be fixed

Caroline's story

Synopsis: Made to be broken




Caroline's career