This irrePRESSible space is the web page of

Caroline Ambrus, artist/author/publisher/rabble-rouser


For most of her life Caroline Ambrus has waged a battle against injustice. Her passion sprung from her experiences of a disturbed childhood, marriage to an abuser and discrimination against women during the 1950s when she was a teenager.

When her marriage ended and her parents' influence waned, she expressed her yearning for equality through her art and writing. She was closely involved in the women's movement during the 1960s and 1970s. Then she established her publishing imprint, irrePRESSible Press. Over the following decades she wrote and published several books as well as exhibiting her art.

Her latest book is an autobiography titled "Made to be broken". The subtitle is "what is broken can be fixed". She tells her story with stark frankness and irrepressible optimism which she managed to maintain over the years of hardship and trauma.

Her art, like her writing, communicates her ethics without ambiguity or artifice. Her work is descriptive rather than didactic. She seeks to inform, rather than persuade. She hopes you will appreciate her efforts in standing up for those who are vulnerable.


Curriculum Vitae

born 20th February 1938, Kyogle NSW

1968 Certificate, Library Association of Australia
1969-1971 art studies Canberra School of Art, East Sydney technical College
1975 Bachelor of Education, Canberra University

1980 Canberra Theatre Centre
1980 Australian National University Arts Centre
1981 Barry Stern's Gallery Sydney
1983 Arts Council Gallery, Canberra
1984 Tilly Devine's Cafe and Gallery of Women's Art
1985 Profile Gallery, Melbourne
1999 Queanbeyan Tourist Centre
2013 M16, "Drawing you in"
2016 Tuggeranong Art Gallery "Consequences"
2017 M16 "Paradise lost"
2018 M16"False perspectives"
2019 Uniting Church Early Morning Centre, "Homelessness - we all own it"
2020 M16 "Cease and desist"
portrait of Pat Eatock

1984 'The ladies Picture Show', Sources on a Century of Australian Women Artists, Hale and Iremonger
1992 Australian Women Artists, First Fleet to 1945, History Hearsay and Her Say, Irrepressible Press
1996 The Unseen Art Scene, Irrepressible Press
1997 The Illustrated Dole Diary, Irrepressible Press
1998 You Can't Land Here, Irrepressible Press
2004 Black dog blues, Irrepressible Press
2004 George the Greytown wizard, Irrepressible Press
2005 The Year of the Mean Queen, co-author Graeme Hume, Irrepressible Press
2005 Flight of the Fat Fairy, co-author Graeme Hume, Irrepressible Press
2005 The Artful Dole Bludger, co-author Robert Verdon, Irrepressible Press
2006 The bushfire wind, co-author Geoffrey Miller, Irrepressible Press
2006 The cllown, co-author Marueen Burdett, Irrepressible Press
2006 Pikelet's gift, Irrepressible Press
2009 Capital Tyranny, Irrepressible Press
2015 Caught in the ACT, Irrepressible Press
2016 Made to be broken, what is broken can be fixed, Irrepressible Press