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Exhibition: "Paradise lost"

at M16: 23 March 2017


1. "Paradise lost": This philosophy behind this work is that we have one home which is the earth and leaving it is fraught with danger. The earth is in trouble and the mother tries to hold it close as it surely dies. The four hobby horsemen of the apolaypse ride away in all directions. The horror of the nine eleven attacks are the last act of a wealthy cabal of ready to sacrifice everyting to seize the last of the earth's resouces. There is no alternative but to try and find another home. The perils of outer space threaten and haunt the humans as they depend on their fragile spacecraft to transverse the cosmos. The flying nun was also seen leaving the earth. Only the space ponys were free.

The materials used were caneite cut into hexagons and coated with fabric. The painting was done using a mixture of media, including acrylic, oils and pastels. The assemblage is approximately 4 meters wide and 2.5 high.










2. "The four elements": are fire, water, earth and air. These four paintings depict a surrealist fantasy with the mother cradling the earth and preserving the elements for the life that is on the earth, in the earth and above the earth. The works are pastel on paper and are 1.5 by .5 metres.




3. "Manipulation from a great height": The puppeteer controls the people. Each of the figures represents the population. The world is burning around him, being the result of the wars of greed, power and control. The media is pastel and paint in paper and is approximately 1 square metre.