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written by Maryann del Gigante illustrated by Caroline Ambrus

"....The voice in I never lie to you turns what we think we know of fiction inside out. Strange as this may seem, one has only to begin reading to understand what I mean. negation becomes a positively willed creation that is simultaneously both all-knowing and innocent, unfallen, and fallen. I never lie to you is an all-too brief journey along the mystical fringe of every-day life." Jamie Brown, founding member of the Medium Rare Poetry Ensemble.

ISBN hard copy 0-9587979-4-3, ISBN digital copy 978-0-9578795-9-1





written and illustrated by Caroline Ambrus

"Beast" is my epic poem written over nearly three decades. It draws on my experiences with men in my life and with the systems they have created which benefit them and disadvantage women. The illustrations are extracted from various images I have created over my fifty years as an artist which I then combined with other images. The poem ends with a challenge for women and a warning for men to:

Be on your guard
in the bright light of day,
in the dark hours of night,
for those we have made,
can be undone.

ISBN digital copy 978-0-6453018-2-3